8 -12 Year old training in Bend, Oregon

8-12 year old training in the OC Sports Performance program.

OC Sports Performance is adding a Kids SUMMER 6-Week Course!

Our 8-12 year old 6-week program with Coach Annie was SO FUN that we are offering a Summer session. These sessions work on building strength, agility and speed. The sessions also build a solid foundation for the child to be prepared moving into a middle school program or joining our Sports Performance program later on.


July 15th -August 21st will be the the duration of the program. The classes will be held on Monday and Wednesdays at 4:30pm. Email subject line: “Tweens” to get a spot reserved.

Spots Available:

We only have about 10 spots available at this time. Right now we have 8 children registered and want to keep the numbers low in the group to ensure all the children get proper supervision and coaching. To ensure your child gets a spot please contact us as soon as possible.


If you have questions related to youth training, please don’t hesitate to email us at One of the more common questions concerns experience level. First, these classes are designed to prep athletes with little to no experience. Second, the sessions focus on foundational movements patterns not a lot of emphasis is placed on the load/weight that is being lifted. Finally, we enjoy working with all children that are looking to improve their strength, speed and agility.

OC Sports Performance has been successfully training youth athletes since 2009. We help build confidence that is necessary for both sports and life! 8-12 year old training is a great age to start really working on the movement patterns that keep the children healthy and thriving.

OC Sports Performance has been successfully training youth athletes since 2010. Experience the difference. Get Stronger. Run Faster. Jump Higher.

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