Differences between Sports Performance and CrossFit

Sports Performance and CrossFit are different. Learn more. OC Sports Performance and OC are both in the same facility.  What are the differences? 

Lots of parents and kids call the OC gym “CrossFit”. We have an adult general population program called CrossFit in the same facility as our Teen OC Sports Performance program.  Despite what anyone calls the training, the two programs are different.  Here are the differences. 

SP = Sports Performance 

In the SP program we are working to improve an athlete’s base of physical fitness.  We are doing this by increasing their strength, increasing their vertical jump and making them run faster.  These characteristics improve and so does that athlete.  Do we train “non athletes” in this program- YES -100%.  But most of the youth athletes are here trying to maximize their athletic potential – they want to make a team, play more, improve their power & speed on the court/field or decrease their times in their track events.  Usually some specific goal.  

In the SP program we track all of the metrics for our athletes.  We are focused on showing improvements on the things that matter for athletic performance.  A by-product of this focus is the athletes learn how to be committed.  How to show up consistently, and probably most importantly learn how to communicate with the coaches as the expectation is that the athlete trains here 4-6x a week in the off season and 2-3x a week in season.  

GP = General Population

In the GP program we are training adults.  We are working to improve their physical fitness but we realize that at 30,40,50,60 years old there is more mileage on their bodies.  With this in mind we want to focus on improving specific things that improve the quality of their lives.  There is more focus on building the aerobic base(zone 2 conditioning), and some anaerobic(short hard fast) work.  For adults they aren’t practicing or sprinting or doing any of the things that they did as youth athletes.  

For GP training we need to be more creative on how we are improving their strength.  Changing angles often on strength movements, changing the stimulus using high repetition warm ups as an example. But number one thing is being mindful of their goals which is typically, gain muscle, lose fat, have more energy and feel better about themselves.  

Are there a lot of similarities?

There are a lot of similarities between the two programs but a lot of times for a youth athlete saying they do CrossFit, brings up a mental image of people doing Kipping pull ups, and high repetition workouts.  Which we don’t use for our SP classes.  How we run our GP program is vastly different from how most CrossFit gyms do their program.  Which is fine, we use what we have found works for the past 14 years.  

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