Athletes in season

How should athletes in season train? In Season training for athletes is as important as out of season training that is a fact.

The duration of the workouts won’t be as long in season as out of season.  The workouts themselves won’t be as intense, as out of season but the work must continue to be done. Athletes in season should get at least two days in. One workout for upper body and one workout for lower body. At a minimum!

Why?  Athletes ask this question all of the time.  

The breakdown. If you play one sport and you miss 3-4 months a year after high school you have in effect missed a years worth of training by the end of you high school career.  

Stop and read that again. Playing one sport means you miss 3-4 months a year. Over your high school career you would miss an entire year of training!

Think about that – one year of training – by being “off” in season. 

Why would being “off” for a total year matter?  

Honestly, it might not.  There are always people who are outliers who can not train. These outliers wont work as hard, not try as hard and still have great success.  I just figure that person is probably not you.  And if you think that person is not you – you won’t ever rest on your current level of success.

If you want to play college athletics, then every training session is going to be important.  Not getting injured in season is going to be important.  Getting hurt in season would drastically affect your ability to make gains during the off season.  

I heard this saying and it applies:

“If you get in strong and in shape once, it is a lot easier to stay in shape for your LIFE than getting into shape again”.  

People will make the statement that you are saying that the athletes are getting de trained during the season?  

Yes!  That is exactly what I am saying.  

Athletes who don’t train during the season will test slower in sprints. These athletes won’t jump as high(vertical jump test or max box jump), and will do worse in conditioning tests.  We have witnessed this over and over.  

Athletes that train in season and work at it will see no little to no drop off of their strength. We use the following to measure strength: max box squat, max bench, max sumo deadlift. Also we see no drop off in explosiveness. We use the standing broad jump, vertical jump and max box jump to measure explosiveness. 

Athletes in season who strength train will have an advantage over those who don’t.

We understand that school, sports etc, take up a lot of time. The need to prioritize work in season will pay off though. Make it happen.

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