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Annie Moseley – OC Sports Performance Coach

We are happy to introduce Annie to everyone at OG. Annie is coming into compliment the existing OC team and is helping us working towards our goal of positively impacting everyones lives in Central Oregon. The vast experience Annie has working with 5-13 year olds is a valuable asset. Here are a few questions that we asked Annie to help everyone to get to know her.

What do you do for work daily?

I’m a Special Education teacher in Bend and work with elementary students who have challenging behaviors that impact their ability to participate in the general education setting. My primary focus with students is building emotional regulation skills to help them become safe and respectful community members.

Have you worked with 9-12 year olds before/if so where?

In the education setting I’ve taught students ranging from 5- 13 years old. As a CrossFit Kids coach I’ve coached kids ranging from 4-18 years old. I have nearly 10 years of teaching experiencing around Oregon and as an international teacher in the United Arab Emirates. I also coached CrossFit Kids in the UAE and am excited to get back into it at OC.

Favorite CrossFit workout(you personally)?

My favorite classic CrossFit workout is Karen! Painful, quick, but too short to stop for rests. My favorite thing about CrossFit is maxing out the Snatch!

Least favorite workout for you?

My least favorite CrossFit workout is Cindy. I get too bored by the repetition and lose motivation by the 10th minute.

One thing you are currently working on(a training or coaching goal)

I train for the fun community in CrossFit boxes and because it’s the only fitness activity I’ve ever been able to stay dedicated to. My goals typically revolve around something silly, because as long as I’m moving and staying healthy, I feel good. I’m currently working on liking accessory work and prepping for handstands on a paddle board with summer quickly approaching!

To me fitness is about fun. I want to help kids enjoy being active, learn to move their bodies safely, and feel strong both mentally and physically as a result of seeing themselves improve in the gym.

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