Grant Leiphart – OC Sports Performance Testimonial

Grant Leiphart – Summit High School – Now student at University of Oregon

OC Sports Performance Athlete Grant Leiphart

*Image courtesy of Grant Leiphart

OC Sports Performance Testimonial

  • 4-year varsity wrestling captain
  • 3-time wrestling state qualifier 
  • First individual to compete in wrestling state finals match for Summit High 
  • Highest state placing for wrestling: Second place
  • Multiple top-5 finishes in state for various wrestling styles
  • 3-year Varsity football

What Grant has to say about training with OC in the Sports Performance Program:

Ever since I started training with coach Sean Wells, I have reached levels of athleticism and power that I never thought I could possess. Sean’s training allowed me to perform at my maximum level all through my sports career; from middle school through high school.

Even though I didn’t continue competitive sports in college:

Sean still provides intense training that keeps me in shape for real-life work conditions. Sean is an excellent teacher as he is always demonstrating his knowledge in healthy lifting techniques and proper diet.

When I’m not working out at OC in the OC Sports Performance Program, I take what I’ve learned from Sean’s training and apply it to my workouts.

I find myself constantly getting stronger and faster because of the techniques Sean employs. Working out with Sean has also increased my mental toughness, as Sean knows how to make you get the most out of your workout by pushing you to your limit.

Training with Sean is an experience worth having as he is not only an amazing strength coach, but also an extraordinary man to be around.

Words to live by from Sean(originally from Ronnie Coleman skip to 2:30): “Everyone wanna get big, no one wants to lift no heavy ass weight!”

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