Kyle Cantu – OC Sports Performance – Testimonial

*Image courtesy of Kyle Cantu

Kyle Cantu – Moorehead State University – Division 1 Baseball Player -OC Sports Performance athlete

What Kyle says about training in the Program:

“I worked out with Sean Wells and the OC Sports Performance Program in the summer of 2017. This was right before going into my senior year of baseball. As a pitcher I needed to become more explosive. I was looking to gain two to three mph of velocity while keeping my shoulder healthy.

Sean uses a new/modern(Conjugate System) approach. The workouts are intense and are constantly changing. There is an old school feel. Lift heavy weights fast and light weights even faster!

After two and half months in the program I gained velocity, put on 10 pounds of muscle. I was able to sustain velocity throughout an entire game. I went into my senior season and held a spot in the starting rotation the entire year throwing the most innings on the team.

Sean Wells and OC Sports Performance program is legit and will get you to the next level no doubt. BE READY TO WORK.

Thanks for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier Sports Performance Facility. We are a metrics based and results driven gym in Bend, Oregon!

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