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The Rule of 3

I recently read the book by the same Title “ The Rule of 3”. The book is written by world renowned powerlifter Louie Simmons. Louie Simmons implements a “Conjugate” system in his training of powerlifters and athletes. “Conjugate” in this use describes the constant rotation of exercises, modalities etc. There is no adaptation to the same sets/rep schemes/equipment etc as everything is rotated.

Rule of 3 discusses how to start children with training so that they have success. If there could be mandatory reading for parents to train children I would start here. Another good book which Louie cites “Children and Sports Training: How your Future Champions Should Exercise to Be Healthy, Fit and Happy”. Look for a future post on this in the future.

The reason I suggest parents read this book is that the book describes a process(system). The system can be implemented to ensure your child has the most success in athletics. Not every kid is athletic and not every boy is going to play football or basketball. Similar to not every girl is going to play soccer or softball. However, if parents could analysis what sport their child would have success in. The parents would have actionable information. This information is going to lead to the child having more fun playing sports. Everyone wants to do things they are good at. It is a lot harder to have fun doing something that you are not great at.

Every parents wants their kid to be the next Tiger Woods

I see a lot of parents trying to make the next Tiger Woods. Lots of specific golf training. Instead of building a huge base of General Physical Preparedness. The base building provides a foundation to transition sports.

Remember back when you were a child, one day you wanted to be a baseball player, the next a football player, and then a basketball play, basically changing with the season of the sport that was getting played. This is natural.

Sports Specific Training Trap

I have trained several kids since they were in 6th grade. The parents came in wanting to have the kid do “Sport Specific” exercises. I explained that I would make the kid better at the given sport but it would be less than “Specific”. The parents are hesitant. The parents are programmed to believe that the “Sport Specific” is what their child needs.

Build General Physical Skill First!

Those parents who I do convince – end up seeing a well rounded child. These kids a super high level of General Physical Preparedness. When that child tries volleyball out for the first time they get compliments about how good their child is “naturally” at the sport. However, in fact the child just has a huge base and doesn’t have “sport specific” injuries. The kids that I have trained since 6th grade had lots and lots of success in high school and quite a few in college participating in high level athletics.

The desire should be to have every child be successful with athletics. I believe you can do this by helping them figure out what their natural tendencies are. After, figure out what sport aligns with those skill sets. If your training is well rounded you are getting better at your sport year round. Also increasing strength and physical capacity at the same time.

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