Tiana Waller – OC Sports Performance Testimonial -Softball

softball player
*image courtesy of Tiana W.

Tiana played softball at Summit High School and this is what she had to say about training in the OC Sports Performance program:

“I have been training at OC for 5 years now to better perform at my sport of Softball. Since training in the OC Sports Performance program I have built strength, confidence, and avoided injury.”

Before training at OC I suffered from shoulder, elbow, and knee pains from softball.

The coaches not only focused on making me strong and fast but also prioritized injury prevention. The staff personalized my programming to develop my arm strength. And now I can say I’m almost completely pain free while playing, even playing multiple games a day.

Overall my bat speed, arm strength, and confidence has grown tremendously.

Whatever goals you have or sports you play, this program can help you reach your full potential. Also, this program has made me more confident within my sport and off the field. I am more comfortable in who I am and my ability to accomplish any obstacle thrown my way.

“OG’s Sports Performance program is great for anyone, just be ready to work hard.”

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4 Year Varsity Softball
Second Team All MVC Catcher
United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award
Captain of High School Softball Team

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