Speed Training Success

Speed Training Success. Lots of gyms and sports performance facilities claim they are making athletes faster and more explosive but without testing how do we know? Sports training success should be measured.

Speed Training

To effectively measure speed – there needs to be metrics that are tracked and tested to ensure success. Thinking or guessing isn’t going to produce results month after month.  

What metrics?

The metrics that should be tracked are the metrics that matter to that athlete in that specific sport. For example, a 40 yard dash for football is a great metric.  We use the 40 yard dash for soccer as well. 60 yards is the metric for baseball. 60 feet or 20 yards is the metric for softball. For volleyball we measure vertical jump, and vertical jump with an approach. These are just some examples for the sports we work with.   

These metrics are important because it shows both the parents and athletes the training is working.  These metrics are important because it shows a return in the time and money that is invested into the training. 

If you don’t test you don’t know 

Without testing you don’t know if there is any improvement. Quite simply the “speed training” might not be yielding the results that are being advertised.  

How often should you test? 

At OC Sports Performance we test the vertical jump, broad jump, and box jump variations monthly.  We test either the 20 yard dash or the 40 yard dash monthly. We track the progress of all of the athletes training in sports performance and compare to their performance last month’s performance.  


How soon should your athlete see results? We typically see results monthly that are positive. A lot of times in vertical, broad jump and sprint times all will improve monthly. How much improvement depends greatly on the athletes training schedule, both in here and their sport. 

Training Frequency 

If your athlete isn’t seeing results, we first look at their attendance. If you only train 2x a week it is going to be significantly harder to see results than if you were to train 4x a week.  

At OC, we recommend athletes train 4-6x a week out of season. In season we recommend 2-3x a week. We make these recommendations based on data that we have collected from athletes since 2010.  

How does school weight training compare?

Middle School and High School weight training is vastly different then how we train at OC. The school has limited equipment, limited coaching availability, and limited space. These factors hinder progress in the weight room and ultimately hamper speed development.  

We recommend that no matter if the athlete is taking a school weight training class that they continue to train here so we can continue to make them faster and more explosive.  

Team Training

Some sports, especially football, have required weight training. Weight training is near essential for the sport of football for both speed development and for injury prevention.  

We have coached a high school football team both in season and out of season, and there are huge limitations in comparison to what we are able to do at OC.  

To see continued improvement, athletes need to train here 2-3x a in season and 4-6x a week out of season to see the best results. 

Finally, if your athlete isn’t getting tested or isn’t seeing improvement it is hard to qualify the training as “speed training”. At OC Sports Performance we love showing progress to athletes and parents. We use these tests to ensure we are on the right track and delivering on our promise to help everyone we train get stronger, run faster and jump higher! 

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