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Stephanie’s Success Story
Stephanie came to OC – like a lot of people, out of shape, and not happy with her body and appearance. Where Stephanie’s story is different is she had a multitude of reasons to be out of shape and not happy with the state of her physical self. Below are two images of her back:

What a lot of people don’t realize is that Stephanie has a an artificial disc in her back after a few operations on her low back due to a training accident while she was training gymnastics. The process was a lengthy one and took several years (from 20-24 years old). The rehab process started and during the first 6 months she was unable to even lift a gallon of milk. Stephanie was in pain and taking painkillers on and off for many years. This journey with the rehab and being in constant pain resulted in her gaining a great deal of weight and reaching the heaviest she had ever been at 210#.
Where we are now?
Today Stephanie is pain free – she has lost 50#’s and feels a lot better about herself and her body. Since we have gotten the InBody we have been able to track numbers besides just her body weight and she is down another 3% body fat in the last 3 months all while her muscle mass has stayed the same and her body weight continues to fall. Currently we are closing in on her goal weight and she is continuing to feel better, healthier and stronger – despite her challenges with her back and weight gain. The body loves to move and Stephanie’s success is great example of what determination coupled with smart training and nutrition can do for a person.

Personal Records:
Clean and Jerk
7/26- 65#
11/14- 117#
6/3 – 140#
Front Squat
4/30 -175#
Push Jerk
9/23 – 140
7/26 – 65#
10/25- 95#
8/31 -120#
Sumo Deadlift
8/3 – 145#
9/18 – 200#
9/24 – 240#
A little disheartening to see “we” used so often in this article when 100% of the credit for Stephanie’s success belongs to herself and herself alone.
These results are not typical unless you have extreme levels of dedication, motivation and consistency.
Her progress and accomplishments were not achieved through personal training or any magical numbers given to her from a machine. Her success is from showing up at the gym 4-6 days a week for GP classes and weightlifting to simply put in the work.
Her fat loss and muscle gains are not due to OC’s nutritional counseling but consistency in hitting macro numbers suggested to her from outside consultation and cleaning up her food choices while also still being able to go out and enjoy life.
The “we” I want to see and have referred to is the “we” that makes up a ‘CrossFit community.’ A community of people who are all here to support and build up one another.
But, when it comes down to milestones such as Stephanie’s… let’s give the credit where the credit is due…
WAY TO KILL IT STEPH! You’re a force to be reckoned with and an absolute beast!! Keep up YOUR AMAZING WORK!! I’m so freaking unbelievably proud of you ❤️
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