Super Max

Super Max

Super max is how we are going to wrap up 2022 at OG!

This New Years we have decided to do something a little different than we have in the past. In the past we have completed the New Years Marathon – which has been awesome, everyone broke up into teams and completed 42,195-meters on the rower, skierg, truform or bike.  This was a culmination of the holiday challenge we complete.

The “Super Max”

This year we are going to complete a “Super Max”. The “Super Max” will give us a set time frame & allow us to lift some weight while having some fun with our training partners. 


We will break into groups of 4 and complete a heavy Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Power Clean and Press. These are not intended to be personal record attempts but rather 80%+ efforts on each – as the goal is to establish the highest total not the highest single lift.


The event will take two hours to complete.  

We will show up at the gym at 8:30am on December 31st, 2022. Event starts at 9:00am and ends at 11:00am. Clean up until 11:15am. Time! What to do after? Go watch football, relax at home, meet up with OC friends at a local food cart lot, &/or spend some quality time with family.


2 hours & 1 power rack. Every 20 minutes a new lift will begin. Add up your total poundage from each lift and the total is your score.

Squat – for the squat we will be performing either a back squat or a box squat at parallel.  

Bench Press – with pause at chest (the barbell stops at chest before pressing up) 

Deadlift – either sumo or conventional deadlift. 

Power Clean – or Vertical jump. We have a chart which will provide an equivalent vertical jump height to power clean weight.

Press – standing strict press (with no leg bend)

Frequently asked questions: 

Can I participate if I have (insert issue here) ? 

Yes everyone can participate, even with an injury or needing to modify a movement. This isn’t a powerlifting meet or an olympic weightlifting meet, it’s just for fun. Get together and have fun lifting some weights. 

How to plan for the event? 

The easiest way is to figure out what 80% is on all of your lifts, Squat(or box squat), Bench Press, Deadlift, Power Clean and Press. Once you have this information this will allow you to have a plan coming in. If you hit 80% on each lift that is a big day especially in under two hours. If you don’t have some or all of these numbers recorded. This is a great way to establish them!  

Can I build my team of 4?  

Yes, of course you can, ideally you want people you either lift similar amounts of weights to but again it is for fun.  

Will we change weights for each other? 

Yes! The group of four will be changing weights for each other and trying to get everyone 3-4 attempts in the 20 minutes. Before we switch to the next lift.  

How will time be kept?  

We will run the timers in the gym. Countdown timer from 20:00 and when it beeps we will have a transition of 5:00 to get the bar set up for the next event.

Can I come and watch and not participate? 

Yes you can – but at the same time if you train here you are welcome to participate.  

Are the Sports Performance Athletes participating? 

Yes! They are welcome to come and lift.  

My friend from XYZ – who trains at XYZ wants to drop in, can they?  

IF (and only if) they are experienced & training currently, then yes. We just need them to complete the waiver and pay for the drop in ahead of time. KEYWORDS here – ahead of time.  
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