The Martyr

The Martyr

We have all types of clients and prospective clients at OG. Ranging from business owners, managers, doctors, lawyers, chefs, pastors, construction workers, parents, etc. All of these people can fall into the trap of becoming“The Martyr”.

Let me describe the “The Martyr”:

“The Martyr” places their physical fitness on the back burner due to their job, career, family, or other “priorities”. It is common for these people to place others in front of themselves, letting their own health fall to the wayside.You may hear them typically say that they can start taking care of themselves tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. All of these people do a great disservice to those who they are helping, caring for, fighting for etc. by not remembering to also take care of themselves; treating their health as a priority.

Let me explain further:

Don’t get me wrong, “The Martyrs” are excellent people who do hundreds of things for others but in doing so, often neglect themselves.
“The Martyrs” deserve better and unknowingly, limit their own potential. Amidst always helping others, they fail to recognize that taking care of themselves would further increase their potential to help others. By taking ownership of themselves first, it becomes beneficial in a variety of ways.

  • 1) They would ensure their health stays good, and with their good health, maintain their ability to help others throughout the future.
  • 2) They would also be serving as positive examples; showing that it is possible to train and maintain a healthy level of fitness while being busy.
  • 3) Maintaining balance is helpful for their own well-being and the 2-6 hours a week of training isn’t going to prevent them from helping others.

Waiting to starting

Robert finally works up the courage to go to the doctor and the doctor encourages Robert to help himself. The Dr prescribes physical activity to Robert, just walk the doctor says. Robert wants to but he can’t overcome the years of neglect he has placed himself under. The extra weight and stress has destroyed his body, affecting his health and ability to continue to help others.

As time passes, Robert, unable to correct his course, sees his health continue to decline. Even succumbing to an early and unexpected death. Despite his desire to continue helping others, Robert is no longer able, or there to help anyone else. Additionally, Robert has likely left behind his wife, kids and future grandkids. Think about that.

Now let us explore another possibility:

In this scenario, Robert is taking care of himself first. He is training 3x a week, for an hour at a time. Nothing crazy or extreme, but he is staying consistent. He monitors his food intake because he knows it impacts how he feels and his ability to workout and feel energetic. In this scenario he stays consistent and make steady progress never missing more than two weeks for a vacation. Not only did Robert stay healthier, but he gets to see his kids grow up. Robert gets to interact with his grandkids and watch them grow. Can you put a price on that?

Real World

I realize this isn’t the real world, it’s a simplified view; but it illustrates the importance of the “long term play”, maintaining balance and the significant value of avoiding becoming “the Martyr.” But you have to start today. Get positive momentum and start!

Prioritizing others, or work, or whatever it might be, at the cost of your own health is not worth it. Balancing your health with your other priorities is key. Avoiding burnout, or sickness, and shortening your lifespan doesn’t end up helping in the long term. Your future, depends on your ability to avoid neglecting yourself, sacrificing your health, and far too often, years of your life.

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