CrossFit Open 2022

CrossFit Open 2022 is almost here. 2 short weeks away. 

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is a three week online competition. At OC we complete the Open on Friday nights. The CrossFit Open workouts are performed on Friday nights for the three weeks the open is running.(Feb 25th, March 4th, March 11th). 

Why participate?

Everyone’s reasons are going to be different. That is okay! Three of the more popular reason to choose to participate:

  1. Challenge yourself. The open can bring challenging movements that you have been working on. Some of these are the gymnastic based movements such as toes to bar, pull up, handstand push up. Or maybe it is challenging dumbbell movements such as snatch, or overhead dumbbell walking lunge steps.  

The challenge might not be movement based. Rather the challenge to you might be showing up three weeks in a row. Being committed to completing three unknown workouts.  

Finally, the challenge could be getting outside of your comfort zone. Showing up on Friday night instead of coming at 9:30am for example. 

  1. Meet new people. Similar to stepping outside of your comfort zone. There are 150+ adults that train at OG. If you are only attending classes at 5:30am maybe you want a chance to meet new people. The CrossFit Open 2022 can be the vehicle to meet new people.  

The Open workouts will be completed at OC on Friday nights with a judge so everyone else that is signed up will be completing the workouts with you at that time.  

  1. Measure your strengths and weaknesses. The open is always challenging, this year we expect nothing different. With the challenging workouts comes opportunities to set new goals for yourself in 2022 and beyond. The Open workouts could highlight something you need to improve upon. Or maybe it shows the hard work you put in in previous years. 

Use the Open as an opportunity to assess where you are and where you want to go in the future with your training. 

Frequently asked questions:

What if I can’t do a specific movement? 

Similar to how OC runs general population classes – there will be a modification made in either load or movement to ensure everyone gets a challenging workout. 

Are the workouts too difficult for me? 

Simple answer, No! At OC we have been completing some Open workouts and Open style workouts in the new year. Whether you have known it or not, everyone has been doing these workouts for the past month or so.  

I don’t want to sign up – but I want to do the workouts, is that okay? 

Yes! If you don’t want to sign up – no worries. Come on Friday night. Complete the workout.  Encourage everyone else at the gym as well.  

I am going to miss one week – what should I do? 

Make the weeks you can. Life happens. Work happens. Family happens, it is okay. Come in when you can and participate. 

Can I help but not do the workouts?  

Yes, you may. We will need help judging, help with any set up requirements, etc. Think of it as three weeks of community get-togethers on Friday nights. 

Where can I read about the CrossFit Open? – if you intend to register – join our team OG. 

Will the other class times on Friday’s complete the workouts? 

We shall see. I(Sean) reserve the right to program the workouts for Friday’s classes if we can facilitate the work in a class setting. If you are signed up though the only time judging will be available is Friday evenings.  

In the past, some of the workouts just didn’t lend themselves to being programmed in a class setting. After talking to a lot of you during athlete check-ins a lot of you wanted to stay on track with the programming – so I will take that into consideration.  

Have other questions?  

Email me – 

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