The Grid

The Grid

My Grid for push ups

“THE GRID” is a concept I picked up several years ago while attending a continuing education course (Gym Jones Course).

The basic idea is that you draw some lines on a sheet of paper – 5 rows & 5 columns – super simple. Now you have “THE GRID” (see picture above). Okay… so why and what do you do with it?

This concept I picked up, is a great way for those who are going to be working all day in a chair/desk/etc to accumulate work.

The “work” can be any movement you want it to be. Some examples are push ups (my go to), air squats, lunge steps, pull ups – think body weight, no equipment necessary. Every time you get up to complete a movement you’ll record the reps in “THE GRID”. At the end of the day, you total it all up and see how much you have accumulated.

I tend to pick a number of reps that will be the same no matter what, typically for me that is 10 reps.

But you can adjust your reps based on your ability. In the above “GRID” I was completing push ups. Every time I got up I did 10 push ups & marked it down. By the end of the day I had filled it up with 25 sets of 10 push ups.

WHY would I use this method?

In the above “GRID” if you chose to complete 10 reps of a movement and you complete the entire “GRID” you end up completing 250 reps total. That is a ton of work on anything that may be a weakness or even a strength for you. So even though you’re stuck in an office chair all day you didn’t miss out on the opportunity to get a workout in.

WHEN would I use the grid?

You can use this idea anytime to keep yourself motivated & moving – getting the blood flowing and doing some extra work towards your personal goals. “THE GRID” is useful during long work days, while traveling or if you’re stuck at home and can’t make it to the gym. If you complete a 5×5 “GRID” make a post on social media & tag @OregonCrossFitOC with the hashtag #THEGRID5x5.

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