Training with a goal in mind

The training at OC is designed to help you reach your goals.

OC has been open since May, 2009. During the past 13+ years we have continued to refine our training approach to continue to get better results. We want to achieve these results with the least amount of risk of getting injured. We also want to achieve these results that give us repeatable and continual results.  

How we help you reach your goals

OC has helped thousands of adults get stronger, healthier and happier. We do this by emphasizing building strength. Strength doesn’t mean gaining weight. Strength doesn’t mean gaining in size. The relationship between your body weight and the amount of weight you can lift is the definition of strength.  


We teach you the most effective ways to gain that strength. We rotate how we gain that strength so that you never plateau. This rotation always gives you a new stimulus so you don’t get bored.  But there’s always a plan in mind. The program at OC is written out for a month in advance, all of the coaches get demo videos of each movement and coaching notes.  

This protects the client from getting Toes 2 Bar 4x in one week or similar snafus that demonstrate a lack of planning or expertise when it comes to developing long term success in clients.  

10+ Years of continual progress

At OC we have members who have continued to see progress who have trained here for 10+ years. Think about that?  We read a study that says only 3% of the American population trains regularly. We have members who have been training at OC for 10+ years and are still getting stronger, healthier and happier.  

What to Avoid

When looking for a gym here are a few questions that are beneficial to ask.  

  1. What is the goal of the programming utilized? 
  2. Who programs it? 
  3. Is the program written in advance? How far in advance?  
  4. Who has seen success with the program? 

One of the biggest mistakes that people looking for a high intensity gym make is thinking that they can train at a high intensity day in and day out without breaking down.  In the long run high intensity day after day is a dead-end.

We know this is a huge mistake. Training at a super high intensity day in and day out will leave you injured.  While sprinkling in high intensity coupled with a thought out training plan will yield greater long term results. In short, high intensity is a tool to be used not abused.

Real Results

These same gyms neglect aerobic training(Zone 2 Training). The gym is selling you on the feeling of a hard workout. But they are hoping that you don’t realize there is an alternative that will produce results at a faster rate and at a safer, more sustainable rate. 

Interested in seeing the difference between training with a goal in mind and just training? Tired of feeling destroyed by your high intensity gym, book a Free Introductory session and experience the difference.

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