Training with direction

Training with direction or just training?

Training with direction is implementing a plan. Just training or going through the motions is something totally different.

What’s the difference between working out at OC (either in group or individual training) vs. going to a gym and doing your own thing?

In a word, Programming.

And in one more word, experience.

In terms of working out or training on my own for years (prior to CrossFit), I struggled to find a routine or plan. I had no accountability. I often found myself searching the web or reading “Men’s Health” to find a new “routine”. Once you find a routine you might stick with it for 2-6 weeks. If you did P90X you make it 90 days (I did, but man, Tony Horton’s voice was annoying).

You grow tired of those sets of 10 at the bench press. Even if you find a new “movement”, you aren’t sure if you are doing it correctly. The new movement feels “odd”. That new movement, it’s not likely to be included in your routine moving forward. (The whole concept of having a routine is not even the best way to think about exercising.)

IF you aren’t varying your workouts often, you are holding back your progress.

It is understandable to not know how to implement new movements you aren’t a professional. You’re likely to fall into a routine of picking out the exercises you like from the workout plan and you aren’t likely to try new things, people are comfortable with what is familiar to them. Not being an expert at working out is okay – that is why we are here!

Professionals accelerate your progress

When training at OG, the training session doesn’t have to be your typical visit to a gym. (30 mins of cardio and 30 mins of lifting without any major deviation). Instead, we can train you in group training if that aligns with your goals. Train you individually. (you want to train towards a specific goal. The goal is outside of the group training spectrum. you want to reach your goal faster). Maybe you are super busy and can only dedicate 2x 30-minute sessions at OC with an hour at home training later in the week. All of these options are okay. At OC there are many paths to having great success!

At OC, we spend hours and hours working to develop each month’s daily plan of workouts for our classes.

We program accessories to address your weaknesses. Overall training in general population classes is to prepare everyone for everyday life. You can expect to do something new regularly and on any given week, your Monday, Wednesday and Friday won’t look like the following week’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday. New movements, with varying loads, working out from 4 minutes to 30 minutes and with varying degrees of intensity. (you can’t go hard everyday – it is a path to disaster).

These changes help you towards the path of health

If you are already on the path of health – OC keeps you there. The programming on Wednesdays is built around the premise that 99% of the people have enough stress in their lives and need a day to move. Typically, common movements are utilized without the sole focus being time. These movements can be carrying things, learning how to get up after laying down, dragging a sled, pushing a prowler, or condition base building. These days on Wednesday also involve everyday activities, squatting, hinging, pulling, pressing. Also focusing on breathing and doing nose breathing exercises help relax your mind and body while you work. This type of work is important and probably the easiest day to skip when you are training on your own.

Your health is not the next 30 days – think a much longer time period than that

When we look at your health and fitness and we prescribe a plan of action – we are looking at the next 90 days plus. Typically we want to lay out a foundation that keeps you working and progressing for years to come. Not just for the upcoming 6 weeks. (yes in 6 weeks you can do a lot and make progress. However, we know that it takes 90 days to build a lasting habit and that is what we are after).

Between the programming and the vast experience here at OC we know that we can help anyone reach their goals. We will help you reach your goals for your long term future not just in the short term.

Thanks for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier CrossFit/Personal Training/Sports Performance facility.

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