Value of Coaching

By Caitlin Ritchey

Value of coaching? What is the value of coaching? Common questions.

Value of Coaching

When you think of a coach you often think of someone who will be motivating you, teaching you, supporting you and pushing you to reach your goals. While all of these are extremely important and valuable to have in a coach. Maybe the most important reason to have a coach is to have someone to tell you to do less!

Do Less?

“Do less.” This may seem counterintuitive when coming from someone who is coaching you, but it can be extremely important in your overall progress. 

Grip it and Rip it!

 I have been a fairly competitive person my whole life. When I first started CrossFit and first started strength training I did not have the coaching I needed to help protect me from myself. I skimmed over the basics and didn’t focus on technique. I wanted to go faster, lift heavier and train harder. More was better in my mind. If the workout was to clean and jerk 95 pounds for time and I had lifted 95 pounds one time, I was not going to scale that weight. Grip it and rip it! 

What follows that mindset?

As you can imagine, this led to injuries and overtraining that ended up halting my progress and affecting my everyday life. Life is hard when you can’t bend over to put your shoes on because your back is so tweaked!

I needed a coach

I needed a coach to tell me to do less. I needed a coach to tell me to go back to the fundamentals and master those before adding intensity and load. I needed a coach to tell me to take an extra rest day when I needed it. Once I had that coaching, my progress increased exponentially. I crushed my goals. Most importantly, I hardly ever had injuries or over training issues.

Quality over Quantity

One of the values of having coaching is being told when less is more. To do less but do it better. Do less during a season of high stress. Take an extra rest day when you are feeling worn down. Recovering from being sick, go easier than you think you need to. At the moment it may feel like you are hampering your progress but doing less when needed is imperative in your long term success and that is what matters. 

The value of coaching is sometimes having someone objectively look at your training and goals and help you get there faster!

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