Who Benefits From InBody?

The Inbody is easy, quick and precise.

One of the most common goals is to lose weight, but this is vague and can be challenging. The InBody can help!

It is not uncommon for weight loss to plateau. This can be discouraging and frustrating. However, while the scale may not budge, this does not mean your fitness & health is not improving.


Everyone! The scan is a quick, precise & effective way to measure your success. The composition scan can also help identify imbalances in the body (left/right, upper/lower & torso). Which once identified, can be fixed, and in turn we can prevent injuries.

Coupling the InBody with personal training and/or group training can help accelerate your progress. The information gathered paired with a great training program can ensure success at the fastest rate.

When scanned on a regular basis, individuals can use the InBody as an accountability tool to track their progress.

The “Check -In” process before this great tool would be just to jump on the scale, after using an InBody scan, you get the number on the scale but will also get other valuable information to ensure your training and progress is still headed the correct direction.

Not local to Bend, Oregon?

You may find a location so that you can start tracking your results in a more meaningful manner than just getting on the scale. The InBody Map

OG’s Personal Nutrition Coaching Program includes the use of the InBody to measure & track your progress.

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