Working out and Proper Recovery

By: Patrick Wells

There is no question that working out stresses your body and the goal is to stress your body in a positive manner (not all stress is bad! (read more about stress) Proper recovery from the workout is needed.

A basic explanation is that you break down muscle tissue by “training” or “lifting weights”, collectively we can call that exercising, and your body’s natural response is to then rebuild and recover from that exercise. So, can you help your body with that natural process? If so, how?

The key is to provide your body with the nutrients that will aid in recovery and after a workout.

There’s an ideal timeframe to “refuel” and get your body on the fast track to proper recovery. While some will argue over that “window of opportunity”, it seems that many say 30 minutes and others say the window is larger, up to a full hour after exercise is fine.

Either way, there seems to be consensus that your body will better recovery and rebuild muscle with the intake of Protein.

Now, this doesn’t have to be a “protein shake”, but it can be. Often that’s a choice for many exercisers because it is convenient and easily accessible. Protein is naturally found in many foods (chicken, beef, turkey, fish, greek yogurt, milk/whey and eggs). It is the crucial piece of helping your body working to recover after a workout.

Protein and ensuring you are eating enough protein is key to supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. If you have additional questions on protein, please ask one of our coaches.

General Reference for supplementation.

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