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Basic Stuff  

The Fundamentals of being healthy and maximizing your gym membership. Basic stuff. Are you ready to feel better, have more energy, and see results in your

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Neck Training for athletes

Neck training for athletes. Learn why all athletes should be doing neck training. By Grant Leiphart Neck Training for athletes Unless an athlete is involved

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OC’s path to fitness

OC’s path to fitness.  The path to being in shape or to physical fitness doesn’t have to be crazy or intimidating.  You just need to

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Women and Creatine

Women and creatine – Why all women should be taking this inexpensive supplement By Sarah Rogue For many women, the word “creatine” tends to bring

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Rucking in Bend, Oregon

Rucking: Learn More today and then Join us! By Jen Cain What is Rucking? Rucking, the simple act of walking with a weighted backpack, has

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Workout mistakes

Avoid These Workout Mistakes: Your Guide to Fitness Don’ts. Navigating the Fitness Landscape Stepping into a gym can be an exhilarating experience. Filled with the

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