Physical Fitness and “The Martyr”

by Sean Wells

Physical fitness is a life long pursuit. The people most consistent over the majority of their lives see the best results. Those who develop a strong aerobic base live 4-8 years longer than those that don’t.

Let me describe the “The Martyr”

“The Martyr” places their physical fitness on the back burner due to their job, career, family, or other “priorities”. It is common for these people to place others in front of themselves, letting their own health decline. They make all of the excuses in the world about why they can’t train or why they will train again soon.

Consistency is the name of the game

Everyone will get side tracked. Everyones physical fitness will have peaks and valleys. Maybe you got hurt skiing and had to have a surgery. The period of time immediately after the surgery is going to be a valley. But you can always get back to where you want to be. You just have to start again. In order to see those results you must start.

The old saying or thought process of “getting knocked down once, but getting up twice” is what pops into my head.

“The Martyrs” deserve better and unknowingly, limit their own potential. Don’t get stuck in this trap.

How to get started

Pick something you like to do and start. Today, immediately. Take action. The situation is never going to be perfect but starting the process is going to help you see success. After you start physical fitness, work to improve your nutrition. Finally, improve your stress, sleep and daily habits.

Find like minded people who are prioritizing the same things. At OC we have hundreds of adults that prioritizing themselves. They aren’t falling into the trap of being the “martyr”. They are personal training here or in group classes here because they realize the benefits of being coached. And having someone care about their progress. All of our members do quarterly goal setting or check in sessions. As a result of the check ins members have less valleys and see better results.

Your future depends on you starting.

Don’t fall into the trap of being sedentary. Start strength training and be a healthier, happier person! First thing to remember is to start today!

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