We’ll make living healthy a habit.

Living healthy as a habit.

A lot of us know what we need to do…or we think we do…to reach our health goals, but how often are we consistently doing those things?

Living Healthy

A solid and consistent approach to your healthy habits gives you more energy, clarity of mind and spirit, more energy for workouts, improved recovery, weight loss, muscle gain, disease prevention, and even better sleep

Why aren’t we doing those things?

Most of us think we need to make big drastic changes to get results – thinking we need to keep track of strict macros, follow a keto diet, stop eating (fasting), cut out all sugars, etc.! These approaches do work for some, but for many of us the results are often temporary, not sustainable, and more often than not, we go back to our unhealthy habits. It’s the small gradual changes that lead to big results and lasting health.

Interested in working on those small gradual changes? 

Join us for OC’s Healthy Habits Challenge. This program is a personal three-month challenge. The challenge will provide you with the tools to make small incremental changes and help you build sustainable, healthier habits.

With a 3 Month commitment you’ll get:
  • 3 Months of focus on building healthy habits in the areas of nutrition, sleep, hydration, and more!
  • Includes food tracking reviews and nutrition coaching.
  • Guidance and support from an experienced Health and Nutrition Coach.
  • A prize drawing every two weeks!
  • Two InBody scans to help you track your progress.
  • Tracking materials
Are you ready for more energy, improved recovery, weight loss, muscle gain & better sleep?

We’ll provide you with the personal support, guidance and accountability you need, every step of the way!

Living Healthy Challenge

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