More is not better

“More is not better”
By: Sarah Rogue

As a culture we have been programmed into thinking that more is better.

Here are a few examples that highlight more is not better:

  • intensity,
  • “hard” workouts,
  • sweat,
  • CORE, and so on!

Umm… More is not Better. That’s not how all this getting fit & healthy works.

Do we need intensity? Absolutely!!! But we don’t need MORE of it to reach our goals. We also need days where we just slow down and focus on strength, accessories & recovery work.


We understand that a large population of us live in an elevated state of inflammation &/or stress due to diet as well as personal & professional demands. The all or nothing path to training too hard, too heavy & too often with little to no rest & recovery is a recipe for fatigue, burnout & injury.

At OC we take all of this into consideration & thoughtfully program your workouts.

Doing so you should be able to consistently attend 4-5 days a week and have great results. A minimum of 3 days a week, as long as you’re doing 2 days of activity outside of the gym & you’re getting a balance of upper body, lower body & work capacity days.

Over the last decade the programming at OC & in the worldwide community of CrossFit has evolved. One of the really great things about CrossFit is that as we learn more we have the ability to refine, improve & incorporate better ways of training you.

OC’s General Population “GP” class is a General Physical Preparedness “GPP” program.

Your daily GP Workouts “WOD” are designed specifically for the everyday Bend resident who wants to look good & feel good. For individuals who want to feel strong, have more energy & continue to do all the things we love in Bend well into our later years.

Recently, in goal setting sessions I’ve had members say “I tend to cherry pick the Not For Time “NFT” days, cause why would I need to do sled drags and all that boring accessory work” or “I miss the old school CrossFit WODs from back in the day – I wish we had MORE of those killer workouts.”

Trust me I understand… those old school CrossFit days were fun but it doesn’t mean that training that way was the right thing for us.

We’ve learned so much since the “good ‘ol days” so just understand & trust that what you are doing daily in GPP is designed for your long-term success.

Here’s a simplified overview of OC’s programming:

  • “Max Effort” 2 days a week – low reps, work to a heavy weight or max repetition. (Mondays are lower body & Fridays are upper body)
  • “Dynamic Effort” 2 days a week – sets & reps, at a percentage – think moving lighter weights faster! (Tuesdays are upper body & Thursdays are lower body)
  • “Work Capacity” 1-2 days a week – longer duration, more aerobic… moving & working with a slightly elevated heart rate (typically a heart rate between 130-150 bmp – able to carry on a conversation, if needed). These are the days you look at the WOD and say that looks boring, too easy, too long or ugh why would I do turkish-get-ups or sled drags? (Typically Wednesdays & Weekends)

At OC we’re here for the long haul friends.

It is our goal & priority to strengthen & condition our community safely and effectively – in a manner that breeds lasting results. A program that values you, your health & your long-term success.

If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau I challenge you to take a progress picture or schedule and InBody Composition to track your physical progress… and then another one 3, 6, 9 & 12 months from now.

I often compare our progress in CrossFit to the growth of a child… I’m a mom, so every year on the first day of school & the last day of school I drag my kids out to the front door to take the obligatory picture. They hate it but I LOVE it. Ha!!! Throughout the year I don’t really notice that they’re growing but when we compare the first day of school to the last day of school it’s significant how much they’ve changed. Without those pictures I may not have even noticed!
So take a picture of yourself &/or schedule a time to hop on the InBody machine to measure your progress.

Trust the program, trust the process. Track your results that matter to you!

If you’d like to learn more about OC and how we can help you reach your goals schedule a time to sit down with one of us. We would love to meet with you, discuss your goals & get you started on your journey to optimal health.

Thank you for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier Personal Training, Sports Performance and CrossFit Facility.

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