Why Do I Need a Nutrition Coach?

Why do I need a nutrition coach?

With a plethora of free online content, user friendly apps and the recent introduction of AI coaching why would I need to hire a real life human to help me with my nutrition? Is a nutrition coach necessary?

Here are a few ways OC’s experienced & certified nutrition coaching staff at OC can help you achieve your personal health goals.

Coaches are able to create holistic plans that align with your own personal lifestyle.

Apps are very good at collecting data. The app gives you generic one-size-fits-all metrics to follow. The information is great so long as you are able to keep up with it & are precise with your tracking. What apps are not good at is adjusting their algorithms when life gets crazy – which inevitably it does & always will! Accordingly, a coach can help you navigate those difficult times. At this point, the coach can provide you with real life coaching strategies & adjustments to help you through the day to day.

Coaches can gather relevant & important data that apps don’t. 

Your class attendance, daily workout results, personal records, quality of sleep, daily steps, perceived stress, protein/veggie/water intake. Most importantly how you are “feeling”. Plus we are very fortunate to have the ability to track your progress with our in-house InBody composition scans. These scans tell you what’s actually happening on the inside – water weight, muscle mass & body fat. Typically apps are only concerned with the bathroom scale weight(not always accurate) & caloric intake(also not always accurate).

Coaches partner with you to develop the skills needed for your long-term success.

With our approach you’ll develop the foundational daily healthy habits that won’t require you to track your food 24/7/365 forever. Tracking is great to get an assessment but it is not a long-term solution nor is it sustainable. No one wants to be “that person”. Pulling out the scale weighing, measuring & entering their 7 almonds in their app at a party.

Coaches keep you accountable. 

Another valuable thing a coach provides is accountability. Everyone has a good idea of how & what they should be doing to achieve their goals. But most lack the motivation & accountability. An app may send you a notification if you fail to enter data. That app doesn’t know why you failed & how to help you get back on track. Having a coach that guides you and checks in with you is key. A nutrition coach reminds you of your “why” when the going gets tough is key to achieving your goals.

Coaches provide you with human connection.

Strong supportive & positive social connections play an important role in people living healthier lives. Apps don’t take into account your social support systems. Season of life or personal life events you may be going through. Having a coach who is empathic and understands understands will lead to more success. A coach who cares about you personally & celebrates your “wins” with you is paramount to your success.

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