OC’s path to fitness

OC’s path to fitness. 

The path to being in shape or to physical fitness doesn’t have to be crazy or intimidating.  You just need to take action.  The action must start today, not tomorrow, not the next day.  But today.  

The first step 

The first step is to start walking.  Walk 15 minutes-7 and half minutes from your house or business or wherever you are and turn around and walk back. That is how simple it is to begin. 

50% of the American population is obese.  That means running is immediately out for half the population.  Running while obese is a great way to kill your progress before it even gets started. 

Get up to 30 minutes a day everyday.  That is the goal – in 15 minute chunks of time.  Before work and after work. Just get the walks in.  

The next step 

The next step is to eat like you care about what you put into your body.  90% of the time you should be eating protein such as eggs, steak, turkey, chicken, wild salmon, ground beef, yogurt/cottage cheese.  10% of the time you can eat whatever you want.  21 meals a week.  Means 19 of the meals need to prioritize protein, unprocessed foods for carbohydrates, such as fruit and vegetables, I like rice and potatoes.  Sometimes some berries.  I keep it simple but I follow the rule 90% of the time it is a protein based meal. 

Lift weights 

You should be lifting weights 3-5x a week.  At OC we use upper and lower body splits – so that you can lift two lower body and two upper body a week.  Focus on the big lifts for each half of the body.  Lower body hit squats, lunges, picking stuff off the ground(aka deadlift).  For upper body get some bench press in, some pull ups and ring rows.  

Doesn’t have to be complicated but you gotta do it.  And you have to consistent. 


Spend 7-8 hours every night in your room.  Don’t have a tv in your room.  Don’t play on your phone in your room.  Sleep in your room.  Be consistent about your bedtime.  Starting building a positive sleep routine and watch how your physical health improves. 

Put it all together 

If you can consistently do these things, walk daily, eat correctly, lift weights, and sleep you will become fit. This is the path to fitness.  You will have positively changed your life and made it sustainable.  

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