Be Consistent

Be consistent to be successful!

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Quick Fix?

Everyone wants the quick fix.  The simple solution.  The easy path.  With training falling for these types of gimmicks leads to injuries, lack of progress, lack of motivation and ultimately quitting before success can be made. 

The first 30 days

The first 30 days of training should be focused on just showing up.  Show up when you said you were going to.  Get into a habit.  Train 3-4x a week for a month.  

During this month be okay with being sore, with not wanting to show up.  But still show up.  Set up your gym time as a doctors appointment that is not able to be rescheduled. Stuff might happen.  But no matter what reschedule and get your training in.   

The Next 30 days

In the next 30 days, show up, and write some things down.  On Mondays you will lift lower body, on Friday’s upper body.  Keep track of these weights.  Use whatever seems the easiest to you to keep track of your weights.  I am old school and use a 3 ring spiral notebook.  Maybe you like notes on your phone.  Doesn’t matter how you want to do it just start recording.  AND SHOW UP. 

Day 60-90

Show up.  Write things down.  Pick one other thing you can do to have more success with training. Here are some suggestions:   sleep 7-8 hours a night every night no matter what.  Drink your body weight in ounces of water every day.  Eat 50 grams of protein at every meal.  Walk for 20 minutes each day.  

Ultimately, pick one thing, pick the easiest thing and do it.  

At this point you should be training consistently, recording you weights while working out, and starting one other positive or healthy habit.  

Day 91-120

Reevaluate yourself.  How much progress have you made?  Is it easier to train 3x-4x a week.  Are you recording your progress?  Have you added some positive habits to your life?  Do you feel better?  Book a consult and check in with your coaches.

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