Stay consistent in the gym to help you reach your goals.

Goals and deadlines

Have you ever been working on a project without a deadline? Remember college or high school. Your teacher or professor would give you a due date of a project three months away. We procrastinated and started working on the project the night before. This is where goals come in handy. Like this project that is due in three months, setting short, and long-term goals to accomplish your goal is necessary for success. Also these short and longer term goals produce quality results, and keep you on track.

3 month project

Now, imagine that three month project is your life. In life we must set short, medium and long term goals. Goals are not only necessary for us to accomplish the tasks at hand. Also has check ins to not lose our drive or our motivation. If fitness is a hedge against sickness then the longer you can stay fit or practice fitness, then the more capable of fighting off sickness you become. Long term goal done! “Fighting off sickness”

Inside the Gym

Inside the gym, it is essential to always be setting and re-evaluating goals. On days when motivation is lacking, goals can lead us through the door. Understanding that you won’t always be motivated but still need to be consistent.

For Example

Want to lose a little weight? AWESOME! Setting a short term goal of losing a few pounds will keep you coming until that goal is met, but then what? You must also set goals that bring longevity with them, something that motivates you daily.

Longer term

A longer term goal could be keeping off the weight. Keeping the weight off for a year that you lost in the short term. Setting up check points for your progress at 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals will keep you on track. Maybe at a year of keeping the weight off there is a reward of some kind. Sometimes a trip works well. Or maybe its some shopping for a new wardrobe.


Longevity must be attached with our goals. I will tell people to set a goal starting with something short term, and link it to a longer goal. If you want to lose twenty pounds. First, checkin at three months should probably start with losing 5 pounds of fat. We will use the Inbody as checkin for before and after. Fat will have gone down if we been training and taking care of the 23 hours a day we aren’t in the gym. The decreased weight will help us stay healthy. Keep us injury free. Increase our life expectancy.

6 month check in

At this time – hopefully we are over half the way there to our goal of losing twenty pounds. Typically, we see people lose the first ten to fifteen pounds easy. The workouts took care of it. Now it becomes important to start dialing in your nutrition. Building healthy habits for the long term. It is important to understand we want to never put the weight back on. To do this we need to focus on all aspects of our health and wellness.

9 month check in

Twenty pounds off. Muscle mass has increased. Fat has decreased. We have met the initial goal. We have made some switches concerning our sleeping habits, we drink more water than ever before, and we are consistent in the gym 4x a week.

12 month Check in

The last three months have been consistent. No changes in body weight but big changes are happening now with physical attributes. People are really noticing the changes in your day to day attitude, how your clothes fit, etc. The weight is off, the goal is met and the reward happens. Now what?


Set a new goal. Work the plan. Use your mentor or coach to hold you accountable. Meet with them every 3-4 months to check in, gauge progress and adjust the plan. Continue onward. Always moving forward!


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