Moving Better

Moving better OR moving more weight? What is the best way to see progress? We are here for long term progress – moving better is key for the long term!

Not Bill – but he is moving better
Simple breakdown:

Bill isn’t moving well today.
Bill lowers the weight so he can move better.
Be like Bill. Bill is smart.

5×5 @80%. 12×2@75%, or 6×4@75%. These are combinations of numbers that are programmed here at OC for our dynamic effort lower body days. Thursdays! What are we trying to achieve using percentages of our 1 repetition maximum?

Dynamic Effort Method

Dynamic effort – is moving sub maximum weight, at maximum velocity. Simple terms: move as fast as possible using the best technique repetition after repetition. Moving better repetition after repetition will allow you to practice your technique and will help you develop your strength. The reps will build a solid foundation to then be able to move more weight. We move bigger weights on max effort day. Or training using Max effort.

A Pyramid?

A pyramid is only as tall at its base is wide. To develop the base of movement at OG, we practice our dynamic effort work for three weeks in a row. Each week moving up 5% or so. Sometimes life happens. And you didn’t sleep well, or something else happened. On these days be like Bill on our example above and lower the weight and move fast with good technique.

The barbell doesn’t lie

Henry Rollins is credited with saying “200 pounds is always 200 pounds”. The barbell doesn’t lie. But the barbell also doesn’t have variables in its life like all of us do. When in doubt on days the 200# barbell feels like 500# – move the load down and move consistently. If we are looking for long term progress and we are – think long term with your training!

100’s of workouts

The only bad workout is the workout you miss. It will take 100’s of workouts and months and years to be successful. Training at a lower weight because of life is fine. Make the change. Listen to the coach when they suggest you move the weight down.

Be smart. Talk to your coach, personal trainer and give them a heads up that something is off on days when it is. Ask them to watch you closely on your warm up sets. Then listen to the coach if they suggest you move the weight down. Moving better is one of the key aspects to moving more weight later!

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