Steps to success

steps to success

By: Sarah Rogue

Steps to success. Everyone wants to be successful.  However, most people fail to implement the steps necessary to be successful.  The following are the steps that we utilize in our OC Fitness Community to help people achieve the success that they are working for. Steps to success.

Everyone has to know their “why”

The “WHY” is the reason you are getting up at 5:00am to train.  The “WHY” is when you decide to go to bed earlier instead of binge watching your favorite Netflix show.  Write down your “WHY” and post it somewhere that you can see it daily.  The “WHY” keeps you motivated and is a constant reminder of what you want to accomplish.

Build a plan 

Your plan should be detailed – daily and weekly.  For example, scheduling specific times you will train, specific times on when you will go to bed.  Dialing in your nutrition, the more specific or detailed the plan the more success you will have. 

Seek Help – Find a professional to guide you

We all have the best intentions.  We set goals, make plans, but then depend on ourselves to learn about nutrition or learn about training.  In reality, hiring a professional to guide and teach you speeds your progress & keeps you accountable.

Work Hard – Work Smart 

There will be bumps along the road to reaching your goals.  Setbacks happen.  Realize that one day doesn’t destroy 5 weeks of great nutrition, and you can get back on track tomorrow.  Sometimes your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night and doesn’t go back to bed, it happens.  Lean on your professional to help make the decision on what to change with the training that day either on a complete rest day or just a lower stress level day.  

Keep your eye on the target 

Having your goal readily visible daily helps, having check ins with your coach with progress pictures or a check in with the INBODY allows you to see if you are on track and are getting closer to hitting your target.  These small check ins can help you measure your success and keep you focused on the target. 

Never give up 

Stuff happens.  Focus on what you can control, things outside of your control don’t matter and shouldn’t add to your stress. The obstacle only makes achieving the goal more satisfying.  The only way to fail is to give up.  If you have been off track for two days – SO WHAT – get back on track tomorrow and keep moving forward.  By never giving up – you never fail! 

Treat your goal like it is important to you 

You took the time to write a goal, you made a plan, you retained the services of a professional, now you have to do your part and do the work.  If the goal was important enough to go through the first steps, it is important enough to continue with to ensure you are a success.  If the goal slightly changes that doesn’t mean you have to scrap the whole plan, what the obstacle means is that you adjust course and continue.  

To smash your goals and see success you need to know your why, have a plan, seek help from a professional, work hard and work smart, remind yourself daily of the target, never give up, and realize that the goal is important to you.  With these 7 steps you can achieve any goal you want.  Follow the steps to success!

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