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Why we box squat for Sports Performance
By Sean Wells

girl box squatting
Jaz C. Box Squatting with Chain

The box squat seems to sometimes get a bad reputation, usually from those who have never done it, or from those who did it wrong or continue to do it wrong. When utilized correctly, it is the safest way to squat and produces great results for those people in everyday situations and for athletes of all ages.

We utilize the box squat for everyone we train: personal training, CrossFit, and OC Sports Performance, we all BOX SQUAT!

Below are some of the benefits and a small breakdown of why each is important:

The posterior chain is used more in the box squat. Posterior chain is the key to athletics. This chain is comprised of your hamstrings, glutes and lower back. The posterior can be developed to a greater extent than using a normal squat.

Box Height

The height of the box can change. As a result a coach can ensure depth is maintained on each squat. The box height teaches the athlete how to squat to appropriate depth and keeps everyone in balance.

Changing the height of the box can allow the coach to tweak technique as needed. In a group setting we can allow athletes of different heights to squat to together everyone be squatting to an optimal heigh box.

The box height and the easy adjustments make it super easy to teach to a new athlete and get them squatting that day!

Building explosive athletes

When squatting to a box, you stop on the box for a brief moment and then explode upwards. Therefore, the squat is a static overcome by dynamic contraction. Think of a sprinter leaving the starting blocks – this is tremendously important for getting someone faster and everyone can be faster or have more immediate muscle contraction.

The box breaks the eccentric and concentric chain allowing for more power development and getting rid of the stretch reflex or stretch shortening cycle in a free squat.

The box squat will allow us coaches to develop hip extension. Hip extension strength increase leads to faster athletes, and better vertical jumps. The box excels at teaching athletes explosive strength. OC Sports Performance utilizes resistance. Think bands or chains or a combination of both). on the box as well to further increase the explosive benefits.

Finally, in related to sprinting, even though reaction time is only 1% of a sprint, coaches can give commands on when to start. The command to start enforces quick reaction and is constantly training that reaction time.


A box squat limits the negative or lowering on the box. Limiting this eccentric action will also limit soreness. Being sore doesn’t equal a good workout. Getting better does. With that statement in mind – we can box squat more often. Also In season athletes don’t have to worry about being too sore for their events and competitions.

When we are coaching a new athlete who hasn’t ever squatted before – we can take them through a box squat workout. The athlete will have little soreness the next few days. This is great as it allows the athlete to continue to come back and train.

The strongest men and women in the world have been box squatters. See Forgotten Secrets of Culver City Westside Barbell Club all big box squatters.

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