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Thank you for helping OC move!

Thank you for the help moving and getting OC set up at its new home!

Over three days we moved from a 5500 sq ft facility to a new 11000 sq facility, to say the very least it was a big undertaking. We couldn’t have done it without the help of over 100 volunteers that provided new location site prep, painting, cleaning, physical labor, food, and much more. The community really came together. Please know that we appreciate everyone that helped out in any way possible before/during/after the move. This is OC’s third move, each time we work to improve how and what we are doing.

The new gym address is OC – 2470 NE 2nd Street Suite 150, Bend, Oregon 97701.

Projects at the new facility:

Lighting will be greatly improved, soon. In the next few weeks as we will be getting LED lighting installed. The plan to get done before we moved, but because of the aggressive time frame it wasn’t possible. However, this should be done next week.

At this point, the lighting is the biggest inside project left to finish. Following the lighting, will be a few updates made in the bathrooms.

The outside of the building:

The outside of the building is in the process of getting painted (no more UPS Brown). The project will be completed in the next week. The new color should be a dark blue grey-ish color.

Organizing- re organizing-

Organizing again of the new gym space. As we see what works and what doesn’t we will continue to adjust to make the facility to have it make the most sense. All things considered we have a good plan right now. As a result we expect only minor changes moving forward. As long as we can keep improving the space we think everyone will be excited about training here!


Let us know: Those who took pictures we would love to get them sent to us! Also I know there are some videos of us moving – we would love to get those as well. In the meantime we will use the images we have to make a little video of the move.

Thank you once again for the help in the move and helping us build a strong, happy, and healthy community!

Thanks for checking out OC in Bend, Oregon. OC is Central Oregon’s premier coaching gym. OC has helped thousands of Bend, Oregon residents be strong, happy and healthy! Experience the difference!

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