Frequently Asked Questions for OC Sports Performance

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions for Sports Performance here at OC Sports Performance in Bend, Oregon. This an attempt to answer some of the most frequent questions we get asked about training youth athletes. We will link other articles that we have written if you are interested in further reading.  There will be a part 2 as well.

Can my athlete train like OC Sports Performance at their local gym?

The number one frequently asked question for Sports Performance.

No.  I will use this analogy, can you show up to a mechanics shop and borrow his tools and fix your vehicle?  Maybe, maybe not. Unless you were trained as a mechanic, you won’t fix your vehicle as fast or as efficiently as the mechanic that fixes cars all day long.  

First, we have years of experience, your athlete doesn’t.  Most athletes have only ever been trained or supervised, they have no experience training anyone else.  

At OC we have years of experience, and have trained thousands of athletes.  

Second, the equipment is vastly different.  A typical gym will have none of the speciality equipment that we have here.  Thhjs equipment is very expensive and takes up a lot of space.  We invest in the equipment because we know how to use it and get a good return from it.  

Third, no accountability.  Again, after training thousands of athletes – we understand that motivation will be temporary.  However, the goals the athletes set with us allow us to remind them of why they are here and what they are training for. 

Is the high school weights class similar to the training done at OC?

This is the 2nd most frequently asked question.

To answer simply no training here is vastly different.  I have coached sports teams from almost every high school in Bend, Oregon.  From football to swimming to basketball.  With this experience, I can state without a doubt that the training in a high school weights class is nothing like the training here.  

I mentioned the equipment earlier but that is a big difference.  

Another huge difference is that the high school weights teacher is probably being asked to coach 40-50 high school kids of all different backgrounds and ability levels.  This is a tall task.  What we find is that those who have some experience won’t receive as much coaching/training/feedback as the teacher will  have to focus on the less experienced athletes more. 

The goals are different in a high school class compared to training at OC.  Here, we know exactly what needs to be done to have an athlete run faster, jump higher and be stronger.  We have the experience to cut out the things that don’t work and focus on what does work to produce results as fast as possible. 

How often should high school athletes train?

The short answer, as much as possible.  The best athletes we have trained were here 6x a week during their “off season” and during their season 4x a week.  This schedule yields the best results.  For good results, train 4-5x a week off season and 3x a week in season.  

The athletes that wanted to be the best, organized and scheduled everything to ensure they had time to train.  

We constantly tell our athletes “modify, don’t miss”.  Meaning modify the workout if needed but don’t miss the training.  

Consistency and structure allow the athletes to thrive.  

Frequently asked questions
In season training

YES! Top end speed that is  developed training here will start decreasing 7-14 days after the athletes last workout.  Strength will start dropping 14-28 days after the last training session.  

The longer the seasons lasts without training, the slower and less in shape your athletes will become.  The most important games are at the end of the season – you want to be the strongest and fastest at that point in the season.  

But what about recovery for my in season athlete? 

There are 24 hours in a day.  School is 8 hours or less a day.  Usually less for the upperclassmen.  Sport specific training is 2 hours or less.  That leaves 14 hours.  Training here in season can be done in 45-60 minutes.  That leaves the athletes at least 12 hours factoring in drive time, showering etc.  8+ hours of that should be sleeping.  Your athlete still has 4 hours a day to do homework, relax, and be at leisure.  The weekends can be completely free to catch up on homework or get ahead for next week.  

Again, we have trained athletes that are taking IB classes or college classes, play 2-3 sports a year and still train here 4-6x a week.  If it is a priority, the athlete will make it work. 

Can my athlete get high school credit for training? 

Yes! We suggest that athletes sign up for “online PE” and then train here, record their workouts and submit it to get credit.  This is a great way to get great training in and have a little bit more time in the day. 

If you have other questions about training in the OC Sports Performance program don’t hesitate to ask.  Send me an email 

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Frequently asked questions for Sports Performance.

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