10 ways to improve Sports Performance in Bend, Oregon

10 ways to Improve your athletes Sports Performance and keep your athlete Healthy!By Sean Wells 10 ways to Improve your athletes Sports Performance and keep ...
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You’ve lost that Loving Feeling

“You’ve lost that Loving Feeling” By Sean Wells For those of you who know the movie Top Gun, you will remember this; the scene where ...
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Yeah I eat pretty well

Yeah I eat pretty well – the most repeated phrase in nutrition consults. The reality The reality of the situation according to this study, is ...
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Why Deadlift? – OC Bend, Oregon

Why Deadlift? By Christian Stricker The deadlift. People either seem to love it or hate it. Some people are afraid of it and some people ...
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What is Stress and Stress Managment?

By: Sean Wells Stress Management and how should I be managing my stress? The definition of stress can be found here. Stress is a state ...
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Upper Body & Core Strength – OC Gym Bend, Oregon

Upper Body and Core Strength. Learn how to develop strength in the upper body and get a stronger core at the same time. Do you ...
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The Martyr

The Martyr We have all types of clients and prospective clients at OG. Ranging from business owners, managers, doctors, lawyers, chefs, pastors, construction workers, parents, ...
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The Best Filter

The Best FilterBy: Sean Wells Here’s why you have a coach: There’s too much out there. You know you can’t do everything. A lot of ...
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Thank you – Updates – OC Bend, Oregon

Thank you for helping OC move! Thank you for the help moving and getting OC set up at its new home! Over three days we ...
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Sports Performance and Sleep

Why Sports Performance and sleep are directly related. By Sean Wells OC Sports Performance has been training middle and high school students(recently even younger athletes) ...
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