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Reverse Hypers

Reverse Hypers will help you build a strong and healthy posterior chain. Want to be strong and healthy? Who doesn’t? The reverse hyper, a mythical

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More is not better

“More is not better”By: Sarah Rogue As a culture we have been programmed into thinking that more is better. Here are a few examples that

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OC is Moving! – OC

Progress isn’t possible without change – moving is part of progress OC is soon to be changing its location. Moving allows our community to relocate

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Nutrition Struggle

The Nutrition struggle and struggling alone are some of the biggest problems when implementing changes for your nutrition and lifestyle. “I know what to do,

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Comparing Yourself

Comparing yourself to others is the thief of joy. By Sean Wells Comparing Your Journey to others Journey I recently did some goal review sessions

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Face down Hamstring Curls

Face down Hamstring Curls Face down hamstrings are a great “finisher”/”recovery”/”pre-hab” type exercise. that works on the ligaments and tendons in the hamstrings. These can

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Getting Started at OC

Getting Started in CrossFit(either Personal Training or Group training) and modifications/scaling By Patrick Wells CrossFit. Exercise. High Intensity. Functional Fitness. For Time. As Heavy as

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